Unused costumes, left, "Interior Cleo's sitting room - Antony giving orders. Euphranor is worried",
right, "Cleo's villa, dinner with Senators - Temple and bedroom"
Director Mankiewicz was hired, and began writing the script in January 1961.
Irene Sharaff was hired to do the costumes for this film in April 1961.
Taylor's first costume fittings with Sharaff took place in August 1961.
Taylor's first scene was filmed on September 25, 1961
Mankiewicz was still writing the script as late as March 1962.
Therefore, Sharaff began designing costumes for scenes that were not yet written.
It is highly probable she designed many costumes using the "Pinewood" script as a general guide,
which would account for the designs for scenes that were never written or filmed,
such as the two above, and the two below.

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Costumes for unknown scenes

The robe shown in the second "unknown scene" sketch was actually made (photo far right) but not used in the film. The photo shows the garment on display at Bulgari's "after-screening gala" following the 50th anniversary screening of "Cleopatra" at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2013.

Costume 1, Cleopatra's camp, Temple of Isis
Costume 1 revised, Cleopatra's camp, Temple of Isis

Costume 2, "Caesar's Gift", Cleopatra's apartment, the secret aperture

Costume 3, Cleopatra's dressing table

Costume 4 (barely), Cleopatra's massage - a headdress only

Costume 5, Cleopatra prepares for her bath
(the notation on the sketch states: "Cleopatra shows Caesar more of the country" -
another scene that was not part of the shooting script.)

Costume 6, The burning of the Library, guard confrontation, confrontation with Caesar

Costume 7, Lotos attempts to poison Cleopatra

Costume 8, Ptolemy's Trial, Caesar's seizure (say that 3 times, quickly;-)

Costume 9, The Queen is crowned

Costume 10, "I will bear many sons"

Costume 11, Egyptian inventions

Costume 12, Alexander's Tomb (unused alternate design)
The costume is worn by a model during a cross-country
exhibit of the costumes. The exhibit took place to coincide
with the original premiere of the film in June 1963.
Costume 13, Alexander's Tomb, revised

Costume 14, "A son shall be born to Isis"

Costume 15, Cleopatra's farewell to Caesar

Costume 16, "The dictates of the dictator", Cleopatra's plans using Titus
Irene Sharaff reworked the wig for this scene from one of the Pinewood
wigs, below right. She replaced all the original trims and beads. The
scene for which the Pinewood wig was to have been used is unknown.

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