1958-09-30   Wanger has first meeting with Skouras regarding Cleopatra
1958-11-00   Wanger arranges meeting with Taylor to pitch Cleopatra to her
1958-12-00   Wanger asks John DeCuir to start set sketches
1959-02-14   DeCuir’s set models are shown to Fox execs
1959-05-12   Taylor marries Eddie Fisher
1959-09-01   Taylor agrees to do Cleopatra for $1million dollars
1959-10-08   Taylor out - Susan Hayward to be announced as Cleopatra
1959-10-12   Taylor back on as Cleopatra
1959-10-18   Taylor signs “publicity” contract to play Cleopatra
1959-10-21   Rouben Mamoulian signed as director
1959-12-08   Fox buys Italian film of Cleopatra to avoid box office conflict
1960-04-20   Pinewood Studios in London announced as location for shooting
1960-05-19   Set construction begins at Pinewood
1960-06-04  Todd A-O film process (pioneered by Taylor's 3rd husband, Mike Todd) selected to be used
1960-07-28  Taylor signs official contract: $125,000.00 for 16 weeks work; $50,000.00 per week thereafter;
                      10% of gross box-office; $3,000.00 per week living expenses, food and lodging;
                      1st class round-trip air for 4 adults; Fisher, Taylor, and her parents, and her 3 children; 16mm print of film
1960-08-31  Taylor and Fisher arrive in London to prepare for start of filming
1960-09-26  Taylor has fittings for costumes
1960-09-30  Filming begins. Taylor ill with cold
1960-12-28  Taylor, after nearly 3 months, well enough to shoot costume tests
1961-01-18  Mamoulian resigns as director
1961-01-25  Mankiewicz hired as new director, begins writing new script
1961-03-04  Taylor has tracheotomy
1961-03-05  American news reports Taylor has died
1961-03-11  Taylor has tube removed from throat
1961-03-14  Skouras authorizes dismantling of sets at Pinewood; new starting date of September in Italy announced
1961-03-29  Taylor flies home to L.A. to recuperate
1961-04-19  Taylor wins Academy Award for “Butterfield 8”
1961-04-29  Irene Sharaff agrees to do Cleopatra costumes
1961-07-08  Taylor gives speech regarding her near-death experience at Cedars Sinai fundraiser - speech written by
1961-07-11  Taylor and Fisher fly to Moscow to see Russian Ballet
1961-08-00  Alexandria set under construction at Anzio
1961-08-10  Taylor’s first fittings for Sharaff's costumes
1961-08-25  Look interview with Taylor regarding “first Jewish Cleopatra” begins tension with Egypt where parts of the
                      film are to be shot
1961-09-01  Taylor arrives in Rome to start film
1961-09-11  Harrison signed for Caesar; McDowall for Octavian; Cronyn for Sosigenes
1961-09-13  Taylor does costume tests
1961-09-24  Statue of Isis remodeled to remove “comic” appearance for first scene to be filmed the next day
1961-09-25  First scene filmed – Temple of Isis in Cleo’s camp
1961-09-28  Taylor receives Maschero d’Argento (Italian Oscar) at Sistine Theatre for “Suddenly, Last Summer”,
                      creates pandemonium from neckline plunging to waist
1961-10-07  Ischia selected for filming of Tarsus scenes
1961-10-12  Procession begins filming
1961-10-13  Taylor appearance at “Spartacus” 1st anniversary party, ostrich feather hem of her gown catches fire
1961-10-16  Procession filming (within days, Italy enters prolonged rainy season, Procession delayed indefinitely)
1961-10-24  Burton and Harrison film first scenes together
1961-10-25  Burton films “elephant scene” from Procession
1961-10-26  Taylor, sitting on Fisher’s lap, Burton standing beside, photographed on Forum set
1961-11-02  Taylor films “carpet” scene – unrolled to meet Caesar
1961-11-03  Indonesian President Sukarno visits Taylor on set
1961-11-07  More filming “carpet” scene
1961-11-08  “Carpet” scene continues
1961-11-11  “Guard of honor” scene filmed
1961-11-15  “Maps out of date” and “You won’t like me this way” scenes filmed
1961-11-22  “Ptolemy’s Trial” scene filmed
1961-11-23  Same as above
1961-11-27  Same as above
1961-12-01  Coronation scene filmed
1961-12-07  Coronation continues
1961-12-13  Taylor films nude massage scene
1961-12-14  Taylor has phlebitis (inflammation of arteries) in her leg and is often carried to set in a chair (this problem
                       lasts a few weeks)
1961-12-15  Taylor films Cleopatra’s vanity table scene, and “Romans tell fabulous tales of my bath” scene
1961-12-22  Sosogines explains epilepsy to Cleopatra filmed
1961-12-23  Lotus attempts to poison Cleopatra filmed; Taylor photographed reading McCall’s magazine with her photo
                      on cover
1961-12-28  Same as above
1961-01-04  Taylor and Harrison film “Egyptian inventions” and “I will bear many sons” scenes
1962-01-15  Taylor announces adoption of Maria
1962-01-16  Taylor films cut portion of “Dictates of the dictator” scene
1962-01-17  Taylor films nursery and sculpting scenes
1962-01-18  More sculpting; Taylor and Burton film first scene (“Senate meeting) together (“le scandale” is born)
1961-01-22  More “Senate” scene
1961-01-25  Same as above
1962-01-26  “Take a little, then a little more” scene filmed
1961-02-10  Taylor and Harrison film “Ides of March” scene
1962-02-12  Taylor and Harrison film “Alexander’s Tomb” scene
1962-02-13  Same as above
1962-02-14  Taylor not filming, in black sleeveless top and slacks – on set to watch Burton
1962-02-19  Guilt-ridden Burton “ends” affair with Taylor – Taylor to hospital with what publicity reports as “food poisoning”
1962-03-03  Burton entertaining the “Copa cutie” he had flown over from NYC and flaunting her to Taylor
1962-03-05  Taylor and Burton film “bath/couldn’t sleep” scene
1962-03-06  Same as above; Taylor’s parents in Rome – they and Taylor and Fisher dine out and photographed as
                      “happy” family
1962-03-07  Continuation of above scene
1962-03-08  Taylor films bed stabbing scene, injuring hand
1962-03-12  Same as above
1962-03-13  Taylor and Burton film “Love is my master” scene
1962-03-14  Taylor and Burton film “ships for war” scene
1962-03-20  Taylor films throne scene that continues to “Couldn’t sleep” scene; more “ships for war” scene
1962-03-23  “On your knees” scene filmed; also the “black and gold” scene
1962-03-29  Banquet filming; later that night, Taylor and Burton photographed on Via Veneto, she in leopard coat
                      and hat, and “le scandale” becomes public
1962-04-03  Banquet filming continues
1962-04-11  “They told me you were dead” filming
1962-04-12  Vatican publishes “attack” on Taylor
1962-04-13  Taylor films “Entrance to Rome” scene
1962-04-14  Italian news reports “le scandale” is a front for REAL romance of Taylor and Mankiewicz – Mank counters
                      with – the REAL story is Taylor is a front for the REAL romance – me and Burton, he then kisses Burton on
                      the mouth; Burton and Landau film “Greek queen/summon Cleopatra” scene
1962-04-18  Cleo bargins for peace filming
1962-04-23  Taylor in hospital with black eye and bruised nose
1962-05-07  Taylor back at work
1962-05-08  Procession scene filming
1962-05-09  Procession scene finished
1962-05-14  Taylor films reaction to Caesar’s assassination and Cleo’s last instructions to Apollodorus
1962-05-15  Taylor films last fire incantation
1962-05-18  Taylor and Burton film “post-Tavern” scene
1962-05-19  Same as above; after shooting, Burton buys emerald brooch from Bulgari’s for Taylor
1962-05-21  Taylor and Burton film “slap” scene in mausoleum
1962-05-22  Taylor and Burton film “kiss – to take my breath away” scene
1962-05-24  Taylor attends Sinatra concert in Rome – out all night – no sleep. U.S. congresswoman suggests Taylor
                      not be allowed to return to the U.S.
1962-05-25  Unable to film death scene due to the “all-nighter”, but films Cleopatra lying in state
1962-05-28  Taylor films Cleopatra’s death scene
1962-05-29  Taylor and Burton re-film mausoleum slap scene (film of original shots was compromised)
1962-06-07  Taylor and Burton film “tickling” scene with Caesarion. Marilyn Monroe fired from Fox’s only other film
                      in production
1962-06-11  Wanger “released” as producer
1962-06-13  Taylor arrives on Ischia where filming of scenes on Cleopatra’s barge (Tarsus, Topo Table, etc.) will take
                      place; Taylor and Burton stay in luxury suites at the Regina Isabella
1962-06-14  During the next few days, Bert Stern takes various photos of Taylor and Burton, on set and off (the “yacht
                      sun-bathing” shots)
1962-06-18  Taylor films “Priestess is like stone” scene
1962-06-19  Bert Stern leaves Ischia to do “The Last Sitting” with Monroe
1962-06-23  Taylor films “How is the wind for Egypt”, Actium and, her last scene - Tarsus arrival on Cleopatra’s barge
1962-06-26  Skouras resigns as head of Fox; Hume Cronyn films last scene as Sosogines (“this is Egypt…”), then leaps
                      into the water in costume
1962-07-02  Filming complete in Ischia
1962-07-07  Filming complete in Torre Astura
1962-07-08  Bert Stern back in Rome to finish Taylor shoot; filming complete at Cinecittà
1962-07-12  Burton and Harrison film Pharsalia in hills outside Cinecittà;
1962-07-15 Company arrives in Egypt for location shooting
1962-07-24  Major filming completed in Egypt
1962-09-00  Darryl Zanuck new head of Fox; fires Mankiewicz
1963-02-00  Zanuck rehires Mankiewicz to write and direct additional scenes of Phillipi and Pharsalia
1963-04-00  Harrison sues to have his likeness added to the art used to promote the film
1963-04-04  Legal separation announced for Burton and Sybil
1963-06-12  Cleopatra world premiere at Rivoli Theater in New York City
1963-06-24  Los Angeles premiere at Pantages Theater
1963-07-31  European premiere, Dominion Theater, London
1963-08-19 Taylor appears at her first public showing of film as hostess for special screening for Bolshoi Ballet
1964-04-13  Film wins four Oscars out of nine nominations. Wins for: Cinematography, costumes, visual effects,
                      and art/set decoration – other nominations: best film, best actor, original score, sound, and editing

1964-09-30  Roadshow engagement ends and general release begins

1966-10-03  ABC buys television rights for two showings for $5 million. Cleopatra finally makes a profit!
1968-11-18  Death of Walter Wanger (Producer - Cleopatra was his last film)
1971-08-16  Death of Spyros Skouras (head of Fox Studios until late June of 1962)
1972-02-13  Premiere TV showing of film.
1974-07-07  Death of Leon Shamroy (cinematographer)
1975-09-18  Death of Pamela Brown (High Priestess)
1976-01-29  Death of Michael Gwynn (Cimber)
1977-01-14  Death of Peter Finch (Caesar in aborted Pinewood production)
1977-06-02  Death of Stephen Boyd (Antony in aborted Pinewood production)

1977-08-23  Magnetic Video releases the first VHS and Beta videotapes for consumer purchase, and Cleopatra is among them.
1978-07-13  Death of Oliver Messel (costume designer for aborted Pinewood production)
1979-12-22  Death of Darryl F. Zanuck (head of Fox Studios after Skouras' resignation)
1981-00-00  Magnetic Video releases general release version of film for home video
1982-00-00  Fox releases roadshow version of film for home video
1982-01-08  Death of Grégoire Aslan (Pothinos)
1983-10-17  Death of Vittorio Nino Novarese (men's costume designer)
1984-08-05  Death of Richard Burton (Antony)
1987-12-04  Death of Rouben Mamoulian (Director of aborted Pinewood production)
1990-06-02  Death of Rex Harrison (Caesar)
1990-09-19  Death of Hermes Pan (choreographer)
1990-11-05  Death of Herbert Berghof (Theodotos)
1991-??-??  Death of Marne Maitland (Euphranor)
1991-03-00  Fox releases first full-treatment (roadshow version plus overture, entr’acte, exit music and special features)
                      on laser disc
1991-09-08  Death of Alex North (composer)
1991-09-15  Death of John Hoyt (Cassius)
1991-10-29  Death of John DeCuir (production designer)
1992-03-19  Death of Cesare Danova (Apollodorus)
1992-06-12  Death of Renié (women's costume designer)
1993-02-05  Death of Joseph L. Mankiewicz (director)
1993-08-10  Death of Irene Sharaff ( Taylor's costume designer)
1994-02-06  Death of Gwen Watford (Calpurnia)
1994-08-16  Death of John Doucette (Achillas)
1995-05-02  Death of Michael Hordern (Cicero)
1995-11-12  Death of Robert Stephens (Germanicus)
1998-03-10  Death of Roddy McDowall (Octavian)
2000-03-11  Mattel releases Taylor as Cleopatra doll – the first doll authorized by Taylor herself
2000-05-31  Death of Andrew Faulds (Canidius)
2001-04-00  Fox releases remastered THX version of film on DVD, which includes new two-hour documentary, trailers,
                      and Movietone News. First full score released on CD
2001-04-03  AMC airs new documentary – “Cleopatra; The Film That Changed Hollywood”
2001-06-21  Death of Carroll O'Connor (Casca)
2003-06-15  Death of Hume Cronyn (Sosigenes)
2011-03-23  The saddest day of all - the death of Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra)
2013-05-21  In honor of the film's 50th anniversary, Fox has world blu-ray premiere screening of the film at the Cannes Film Festival,
                      with hostess Jessica Chastain wearing Taylor's Bulgari sapphire sautoir. Mrs. Mankiewicz, Christopher Wilding, and Kate
                      Burton attend. Bulgari hosted after-screening party which displayed several of Taylor's Bulgari jewels and several of
                      Taylor's costumes from the film, including the Trivette-owned gold "Entrance to Rome" gown as the centerpiece.
                      Fox releases the film in the blu-ray format.
2017-07-15  Death of Martin Landau (Rufio)