Dolls, Figurines, and Masks
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Elizabear Taylor and Richard Bearton
Cleopawtra and Marc Antony

The American Bear Company, from the
"Very Important Bears (V.I.B.'s)" series,
late 80's

Cleopatra Beany Baby from the "Brainy Babies" series
B.I.G. (Bishop Interactive Group) - 1997

While not advertised as being an "Elizabeth Taylor" beany baby, the purple eyes,
and Taylor's trademark eyebrows are suspiciously familiar.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Halloween Mask
Manufacturer unknown, circa 1963-'65
Cleopatra porcelain mask
Clay Art - 1985
(enchanced and embellished by Mr. Trivette)


Cleopatra Figurine
Manufacturer unknown

As with the Beany Baby above, this item was not
marketed as "Elizabeth Taylor as...", but, given
the year of manufacture, can there be any doubt?


Cleopatra Bust
(one of a kind)
Danny Rodrigues


Cleopatra at her Banquet
(one of a kind)
Danny Rodrigues


Cleopatra Nodder
Manufactured by Lego - Japan 1962

As with other images above, this item was not
marketed as being "Elizabeth Taylor". But, again,
the date and the subject leave no doubt.


"Liz as Cleobeartra"
Manufacturer and date unknown

"Hollywood Legends" Series - Elizabeth as Cleopatra!
Mattel, Inc. 2000

The first doll officially authorized by Dame Elizabeth herself.

The Hanford/Trivette Cleopatra

Featured in the May 1995 issue of "Dolls" magazine, this one-of-a-kind sculpture by Clark Hanford
was commissioned and designed by Mr. Trivette. Made of hydrostone, with a seated measurement
of 22", the sculpture is dressed in a gown of cream georgette and liquid gold, with jewelry of Austrian
crystals, pearls, and gold beads, handmade by the designer. The object in which the head is centered,
is the mirror from Cleopatra's dressing table, a prop from Taylor's, "Cleopatra".