Film Promotionals and Related


Hollywood Reporter - September 9, 1960 announcing the filming of "Cleopatra" was beginning that day. If they only knew!
The souvenir program for the European premiere of the film, which took place on July 31, 1963 at the Dominion Theatre in London, England.

World premiere ticket for June 12, 1963
at the Rivoli Theatre, New York City

British ticket order form for the
Dominion Theatre in London, England

British second night Gala Performance ticket for August 1, 1963
at the Dominion Theatre in London, England

Los Angeles premiere ticket for June 24, 1963

Souvenir coin from the Denham Theatre in Denver, Colorado

Souvenir coin for Los Angeles premiere. The coin is an exact replica of the one Cleopatra removes from her necklace and throws to Agrippa stating, "Octavian may have two heads for the price of one. Either two - or none."

A special chocolate bar wrapper was made
for the Los Angeles engagement of the film.

Studio stationary from the office in Rome, Italy

French printer's plate for newspaper advertisement

Egyptian newspaper advertisement for the Amir Theatre in Cleopatra's beloved Alexandria, December 1984. The film, finally being shown in Egypt, was nearing the end of its engagement after a years-long ban on Taylor films for her conversion to Judaism.

Soundtrack advertisement from Cash Box Magazine, June 1963

Newspaper advertisement for the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, giving us some indication how long the film played there.