She was singularly unique.
She was beautiful beyond description.
She was light in a time of dark.
She was music to the deaf.
She was color to the blind.
She was song to the mute.
She....REMAINS a true legend!

She was also human -
susceptible to illness
and great tragedy.
Yet...she survived!
And...she will endure forever!

This website is dedicated to the countless fans and admirers of this incredible lady.
But, more specifically, to the ones I have had the honor of knowing.
Even though some of these wonderful people are no longer with us,
they will always be present, and have a place of companionship, here:

In memory of:
Robert Vuchetich
Danny Rodrigues
Kenneth Elliot

To these especially dear friends still with me:
Andy Budgell
Sharon Earp
Bill Goulding
Richard Lovato
Chet Weston
Kathy Yokum
Your friendship, support, and endless words and acts of kindness
mean more to me than you will ever know. To quote the lady herself,
"I guess all I can say is thank you. Thank you with all my heart."

To my family:
Momma Rose, Daddy Jack, and brother Michael.
You have provided me with life itself! And, within that life, you have enabled
the good fortune I could only have dreamt of when this journey with Elizabeth began.

And, to the new fans -
who, hopefully, will become introduced on these pages to... The Greatest Star Of All...

  The words, "the one and only", could never be used more appropriately than when placed in front of the name...


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