The Trivette Collection of
Elizabeth Taylor Magazine Covers
Please let me take a moment of your time to explain the pages devoted to the magazine covers. When I decided to bring this website back, I also decided to attempt the most massive assembly of Taylor magazine covers ever posted to the web, or, ever seen by the public in any way for that matter. It has been said countless times that the level of fame Elizabeth Taylor achieved had never been, and never WILL be, seen again. And the unbelievable number of covers on which she appeared is visible, tangible proof! It is debatable who holds the record for being on the most magzine covers in history, but I'd be surprised to learn if it were anyone other than Elizabeth Taylor! After nearly five years of intense, diligent scanning, I can now present you with all 3,120 covers currently in "The Trivette Collection". Please be patient - even with reduced resolution the images may take a few moments to load. Because of the number of images, the use of thumbnails was an absolute necessity. 
Because of the thumbnail space restraints, a capital letter is used to separate words (which are often split between two lines), dashes are used to separate information: Date (year - month - day) - Title - Translation - Country of origin. Issues without a country of origin are from the U.S. Thank you for your patience and for allowing me to explain my methods.
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