Cleopatra paper doll coloring book by Ralph Hodgdon - 1980
Without question, Mr. Hodgdon has created the definitive "Cleopatra" paper doll, with great precision
in the artwork, and intricately detailed costumes that show a high level of research and accuracy.
Thirteen years later, in 1993, Mr. Hodgdon released a second edition of this set, in color.
That edition is thumbnailed on the "Curiosities" page, or, you can click here.

Below the original uncolored pages from this set are Mr. Trivette's painted versions,
in the order they would have appeared in the uncut film.

Costume from the aborted "Pinewood" production

Non-existant costume - taken from a "Photoplay" cover

Non-existant costume - taken from "The Cleopatra Miracle" cover

Unused alternate design for "I will bear many sons," scene

Unused alternate headdress for the "Alexander's Tomb" scene

Personal scarf worn during break of "Take a little," scene

Unused alternate design for "Tarsus Arrival" scene

Partial costume, worn under a robe, in "bring me the figs" scene

Non-existant costume - taken from the advertising art for the film

Non-existant costume - taken from a "Motion Picture" cover painting