Costume 1 & 2 - Desert pursuit and Encampment scenes,
Carpet sequence/First meeting with Caesar, Reunion with Charmian and Eiras
Costume 1 & 2, Alternate wig, revised length
Costume 1, revised
Costume 1 Revised, alternate wig

Costume 3, (underdress for costume 4),
possibly for preparing to dress for dinner with Caesar

-Costume 4, Dines with Caesar
Irene Sharaff reworked the Oliver Messel, "Dines with Caesar"  headdress for use in the filmed, but cut,
Caesarion's nursery scene. She replaced the "tassels" from the Pinewood version, left, with beads, right.

Costume 4a (alternate design) - Headdress 4a, Dines with Caesar
(This was the very first image of Taylor as Cleopatra that was released to the press)
Headdress 4a
Irene Sharaff reworked this Oliver Messel headdress for use in the "Egyptian Inventions" sequence that
was cut from the final print of the completed film. Pinewood version, left, and Cinecittà version, right
(See "The Restored Cleopatra", page 8 for that scene)
Costume 4a - headdress from costume 29, Dines with Caesar

Costume 5a, Caesar leaves to rescue Marcellus
The gold and purple wrap depicted in the design
appears to be in the chair behind Taylor.

Costume 6 & 20, Annoucement of reinforcement from Mithradates, Caesarion's riding lesson
Costume 6 & 20, headdress from costume 4a,
Annoucement of reinforcement from Mithradates Caesarion's riding lesson

Costume 7, Throneroom and Proclamation scenes

Costume 9, Lucius' betrayal,  with Caesar following Lucius' death

Costume 10, Cleopatra and Caesar visit Alexander's Tomb

Costume 11 & 22, Caesar leaves Egypt and Antony's envoy arrives

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