Costume 22a, Cleopatra receives Antony's envoy-

Costume 23, Barge - Cleopatra welcomes Antony, Banquet on barge

Costume 24, Antony finds Cleopatra in the barge

Costume 25 & 26, "Love Ride" sequence

Costume 27, Bathing in the Nile
Director Rouben Mamoulian welcomes Taylor to the set

Costume 28, Cleopatra learns of Antony's marriage to Octavia

Costume 29, Cleopatra receives Antony after his marriage to Octavia
Irene Sharaff reworked this Oliver Messel headdress for the "Alexander's Tomb" sequence in the completed film.
She removed the bottom row of plates, the circlet of cobras, and the forehead cobra and vulture from the
"Pinewood" version on the left, and designed the single forehead cobra for the "Cinecittà" version at right.
Costume 29, headdress from costume 39, Cleopatra receives Antony after his marriage to Octavia
For Cleopatra's "Entrance to Rome", Irene Sharaff altered another Messel design by using only the "wings"
that envelop the head from the Pinewood desgin at left, and redesigning the rest for the Cnecittà version, right.

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