Continued from "The Restored Cleopatra", page 4 - Rufio has seen that Pompey's head was safely removed to Caesar's galley. The Palace steps are now empty of all Romans. Pothinos, Theodotos and Achillas are left...

He was not pleased.
No, he was not. Achillas, you must
return to your army immediately -
and Cleopatra must be destroyed at
And then - ?
If, instead of a scholar, I were a
general - do you know what would
fill my dreams at night, Achillas?
(Achillas looks at him)
To make the history which scholars
but record and teach. As that man
will, who - as someone, sometime,
must - destroys the Mighty Caesar...
Just once more, let me say it.
Julius Caesar does not sail into
the harbor of a country - possibly
unfriendly - with barely enough
troops to hold the Royal Enclosure,
let alone the City of Alexandria...
But he has, my dear Achillas...
So it appears...
I have never known a General more
reluctant to accept easy immortality...

He motions Theodotos with his fan, and they and their followers start into the Palace. Achillas is alone and chews his lip nervously. Then, as if in decision, he turns and strides away. His officers follow through the crowd, and it is cleared for them savagely and swiftly by guards manhandling the people in brutal fashion. [Unlike the friendly way the Romans made their way through the crowd - without an underhanded agenda, Caesar demonstrated to the Egyptian people how kind the Romans were, while the Egyptian officers treated their own people like cattle. Again, the contrast between two situations is lost.] This dissolves to a scene in Caesar's apartment, where his men are busy putting his gear into place. Caesar stares absently out to sea, holding Pompey's ring. Agrippa lets him know that the, "...Tenth and Twelfth have landed and all ships are secure." Caesar inquires about Pompey and is informed that, "...everything has been done properly - with full honors." Caesar lets it be known that:

One mistake. If Pompey's one mistake
at Pharsalia had been mine instead
of his - it would have been my head...

He stares at Pompey's ring on the golden chain. Suddenly his hand jerks in a spasm-like contraction. The ring clatters to the floor. Flavius whirls instantly in reaction to the sound. He hurries across to pick up the ring and brings it to Caesar. He looks up at him with concern.

Rings have been dropped before -
finish your work!

Flavius nods and withdraws. Caesar pinches the bridge of his nose - a characteristic and sometimes effective, gesture of the epileptic in an effort to stop the cycle of muscular spasm before it fully develops. He turns to Rufio and Agrippa:

(to Agrippa)
Without weakening the security of
our ships, have you enough men to
occupy the causeway that flanks
Only just...
Then do it. Our escape to the sea -
if it becomes necessary - must be
there for us...
General Achillas has left the Palace -
and the city - to rejoin his army...
Already? I assume he intends to wipe
out Cleopatra's handful of mercenaries
as quickly as possible - then bring
the rest of his army back here...
To wipe you out - ?
It's quite a temptation, you'll
admit...well, he won't be at us
for the remainder of today at any
rate. Rufio, see that the gates
are well manned - use the Tenth
Slingers. We'll meet again here
for the evening meal, and talk
further -
(he crosses to sit
on his bed)
- and Rufio...
(Rufio pauses)
You might alert the night watch.
In case Cleopatra manages to get
word through. Anything strange or
unusual is to be reported...
(he smiles)
A night-butterfly, perhaps...

The officers leave. Caesar is alone with Flavius, who positions himself behind Caesar and starts to massage his back.

Don't worry, I'm not going to have
an attack - it's come and gone...ah,
that's good...the Falling Sickness.
A stupid thing to call it, and
insulting - deeper, Flavius, deeper -
doesn't everyone, in his time, fall?
It's just that some of us fall from
greater heights than others...

This scene dissolves to the Royal Harbor at night. Braziers and large torches bathe the entire enclosure with irregular patterns of light and shadow. The Palace is patrolled by Roman Legionnaires. The waterfront and jetty are under watch by the Egyptian Soldiers. [The pink text reflects the scene as it was originally written and planned. Later meetings ended with this scene being scaled down to just a few shots establishing Apollodorus paddling into the harbor. In the final cut of the film, it is left to conjecture how Apollodorus was able to smuggle Cleopatra into the heavily guarded Palace. It could be argued that Caesar's order to have any word from Cleopatra reported to him immediately may have allowed this "merchant", bearing a gift from Cleopatra, to be allowed into Caesar's presence. The scene below offers a much more plausible, and humorous, explanation.] A small group of officers, led by Hakim, play backgammon on the Harbor steps. Suddenly, from the jetty, comes a shouted challenge. Bowmen and guards run toward it. A small boat appears under the jetty. In the boat are several rolled-up rugs and Apollodorus, disguised as a rug merchant. On the bow is Charmian, also disguised. Hakim gestures for Apollodorus to come in...

You, there! Bring your boat in!
(Apollodorus and Charmian
exchange a quick look)
A thousand pardons, Mighty Ones!
Some unkind fate has brought this
unfortunate seller of rugs by
mistake into the Royal Harbor!
I hasten to go - !

He sculls quickly and turns the boat. Hakim signals a couple of bowmen who let their arrows fly. One of the arrows misses the boat - one buries itself in one of the rugs. Charmian cries out and throws herself over the rugs.

Well and truly shot, oh mighty one!
All Egypt gives thanks to Isis to
be guarded by such an arm! I go!
I go - !
Come in at once - or be stuck like
a pig!
(Again, Apollodorus
and Charmian exchange
looks. Grimly, Apollodorus
heads toward the steps)
(still wailing)
I come! I come - ! Have mercy,
great and noble ones...
(Hakim awaits the boat)
It is so seldom that we bring
our miserable rugs to the city -
but being told that the dull-witted
Romans have come with much gold -
(the boat comes to a stop)
It was my misfortune of a wife who
became dazzled by the lights and
misled me here to the Royal steps...!
(snarling at Charmian)
Curse the day I relieved your father
of an unwanted daughter!
Hasten the day I shall be rid of an
unwanted husband!
(the boat is held by soldiers)
Stop your squabbling, get out of the
boat - I want to see this miserable
merchandise of yours...

Apollodorus starts out. As he passes Charmian she stands. Rudely he shoves her down - on a particular rug.

See, masters, how gentle, how loving
a man I have - if only he were a
man when it matters most to a woman!
(Hakim laughs. He's
in the boat poking
at the rugs. He
stands by Charmian)
Here, let me see you...stand up -
Charmian rises very slowly, her body close to Hakim's. Only her eyes can be seen through the hood she wears. Roughly, he throws it back. She stares at him provocatively, her lips parted, her bodice opened beyond the legal limit. Hakim's eyes gleam.
An unwanted daughter, eh? Has your
father any more?
There is only one like me...
(up at Apollodorus)
Peddler, you've been selling the
wrong merchandise!
(the officers laugh. Apollodorus
gestures miserably...)
How often have I told him I could
make our fortune in a day - if he
were not so jealous!
Let him make his own, then - his
way - and you, yours - your way...!

He takes her hand and leads her to the top of the stairs. Charmian smiles invitingly at the other officers...

(to Apollodorus)
Take your moth-eaten rugs, and go -
(to the officers)
- bring the dice!
(to Charmian)
We'll need them, eh?

Charmian laughs with them. Without a glance at Apollodorus, she hurries toward a shadowed area with the officers. Apollodorus calls after them, sadly:

Oh, mighty ones - would you rob
me of everything - ?

He looks around carefully, and swiftly descends the steps to the boat. Carefully, he hoists one tied-up rug to his shoulder. Hurriedly - but casually - he mounts the steps with it and heads toward the Palace. From the shadowed area, Charmian, with a throaty laugh, breaks away from Hakim's impassioned caress. Another officer reaches for her. Coyly, she eludes him - and manages to sneak a look in the direction taken by Apollodorus. She sighs with relief. The officer comes at her again. She clouts him on the side of the head. Attacking him with hands and feet, she yells bloody murder;

Help! Help! Rape! Murder! Rape!

Marcellus and a Roman Guard standing nearby, hear her screams and run in her direction, passing a hidden Apollodorus. He blows a kiss in Charmian's direction, then hurries with his precious bundle into the Palace.The scene switches to Caesar's apartments where he is discussing holding down the city: "For the time being this is what we must hold - the Moon Gate and three others." It continues on through Cleopatra being unrolled from the carpet, her meeting with Caesar, and his guards escorting her to her apartments in the Palace. Cleopatra says, "The corridors are dark, gentlemen, but you mustn't be afraid. I am with you." On the way to her apartments, we would have seen Lotos, the handmaiden that will soon try to poison her Queen, spying on the activity so she can report back to those that plot against Cleopatra.

In complete secrecy, Apollodorus, and Cleopatra's chief handmaidens, Charmian and Eiras, have gathered all those loyal to Cleopatra to welcome her home. Cleopatra enters:

Oh get up, all of you - it's so
good to see you again - !
(to Charmian)
Nothing taken or destroyed?
Everything just where we had hidden it...
Even the library - it's been left
in perfect order...
How certain they must have been
that I'd never return...

She moves to Phoebus, the blind singer. He turns his blind eyes toward her as she approaches. His hand goes out; she gives him hers. He kisses it...

And you, Phoebus - who has taken
care of you all this time - ?
The eyes that have always seen
for me, your Majesty...
Eiras! Where is she?

There is a joyous cry from the direction of the bath. A lovely blonde girl - no more than fourteen - hurries toward Cleopatra, tearful with happiness. She sinks at her feet...

Majesty, majesty...
(raising her)
Eiras...but you're no longer a
child. You've grown so...
While you were gone - it was as
if the sun had been taken away...

Cleopatra kisses her. Then, turning, becomes aware of Germanicus, still present, awe-struck by the opulence and beauty surrounding him...

You -
(Germanicus comes to attention)
You may go now...
Yes, your Majesty.
And as you go, take with you those
over-sized blockheads outside my
Caesar requires that your guard
 He does, does he?
(she whips her dagger
out of its sheath)
And what if I should stab one of
Your Majesty will be disarmed -
and the guard replaced...
Typical Roman bluff - we'll see
about that...!

She dashes to the door and whips it open -

Your Majesty! Please...
(she turns to him)
For the time being...

Cleopatra subsides. Germanicus holds out his hand for her dagger...

May I - ?
No. Not until after I've stabbed
one of you...

Germanicus bows and leaves. Cleopatra waits. Then she opens the door swiftly. The guard is there, in full force. She slams the door and turns to Apollodorus...

'For the time being!' You're
beginning to sound like Caesar...

She starts towards the secret aperture. Apollodorus with her...

I meant only that you should have
as much protection as possible -
You admire him, don't you?
The question is - how much do you?
(ignoring the point)
Protection! Guards outside bedroom
doors while destruction hangs over
him, over all of us - a prisoner in
my own palace, my destiny in the
hands of a man who eats unwashed

They have arrived at a statue which hides a secret passage. She swings it open and enters, Apollodorus following. The statue closes behind them...

They start down the passage...

She stops. He comes up to her. Almost savagely, they kiss - as if to satisfy a desperate immediate physical need. Cleopatra draws away...then they go on. They arrive at the other side of the Sphinx in Caesar's apartment. Cleopatra removes the eyepieces painted to match the color of her eyes.