Continued from "The Restored Cleopatra", page 10 - Cleopatra's procession has just ended and the scene dissolves to Caesarion's bedroom - a small room adjoining Cleopatra's bedroom in her Roman villa. Caesarion lies asleep. Standing by him are Cleopatra and Caesar. Off to one side is Charmian. Caesar looks proudly at his son.

He reaches down carefully and tugs at Pompey's ring which he had given Caesarion before he left Egypt.

It no longer fits as loosely as
it did...

Caesar nods. Caesarion stirs in his sleep. Cleopatra steps back - into Caesar's arms. He holds her - she smiles. They start toward the open doors to her bedroom and Charmian moves to her place beside Caesarion's bed. In the bedroom, the ornate bed has been turned down invitingly; a supper has been set for them.

Caesar closes the door and crosses to her...

I have had many and mixed feelings
toward the people of Rome - but
never before jealousy. To wait
all day - knowing that they saw
you first, that your first smiles were for them...

In his arms, she smiles up at him...

The Roman people. Their eyes are
your eyes, their voice is yours -
they are you...

At the moment, if you don't mind,
I prefer only me to be me...

He bends to kiss her. Absently, Cleopatra moves from his arms before their lips meet...

They belong to you. Your enemies
must be their enemies. You know
who they are - dispose of them...

Murdered enemies, like cut weeds,
grow again - ten for one. Come here...

However much it sounds like 'king' -
you are the Master of Rome...

I am the Master of my horse. But I
cannot make him eat meat. Be patient
and politic...

If I had been patient and politic,
I would not be in Rome!

(snaps back)
Simply because you bought permission
to bring your animals and dancers
through the streets of Rome -

(and back)
- for more than six months, I have
had agents here! If one of those
senatorial windbags is not for sale,
we haven't found him yet!

Be careful how you speak! This is
not Cleopatra's Egypt - !

But is is Caesar's Rome! And there is
a crown to be had - which you can
either take or buy!
(quiet and meaningful)
Or - don't you want it...?

The sudden flare-up - resulting from inner tensions repressed by both for many, many months - has been unexpected by either. To be confronted, thus, by Cleopatra's impatient ambition upsets Caesar. Suddenly weary, he moves away. His hand goes to his nose...

Cleopatra, I had not thought...alone
together for the first time - with our
son - to find myself in a political

Now it is Cleopatra who realizes how, quite at variance with her conscious intention, her inner tensions have betrayed her.

In honest contrition, she goes to him...

These long years - I've hated them so,
and everyone and everything that kept
us apart - I quite forgot how long
they must have been for you, too.
Forgive me, please...

She is in his arms...

You will be pleased to know. During
all this time - even away from you -
the process of bewitchment has gone
on. It is now complete. I need you.
I need you desperately...

They kiss. The scene dissolves to the library in Cleopatra's villa the next day.